Cheers 4 Charities is a nonprofit that is designed to create awareness and funding to four children charities each year that enhance the lives of the children in need in Houston.

How it all got started...

Our Mission....

            Cheers 4 Charities, C4C, was founded in 2014 by Peter C. Remington. Having been to many a black tie and white tie galas where millions of dollars are raised in an evening, it became evident to Peter that there were many charities other than the top 20%, that do marvelous things for the children in Houston but do not have the ability or manpower to host a major fund raiser. Yet, they  are able to operate on a month to month budget. C4C is designed to help the children charities of Houston with funding so that they may go about their day doing great things, and not have to worry about how they are going to do them.

            Cheers 4 Charities is a 501c3 that was formed to help children charities to achieve their mission by providing funding. C4C recognizes that there are smaller, more hands on charities that do wonderful outreach in their communities, yet do not receive the recognition or the donations necessary to touch all the lives they want to or can. We call these charities the “boots on the ground” and get your “hands dirty” type charities. They are those charities that get involved with the ones they touch, know them, care about them and pray for them.

            Each year four children charities are selected to participate in an annual gala create by C4C. Through their participation the charities will benefit from the net profits of the nights event from tickets sales, silent and live auction sales and underwriting and sponsorship sales.

            To date, Cheers 4 Charities has provided funding to Dec My Room, Kids' Meals, Be An Angel, Eye Care for Kids and Virtuosi of Houston.

The Children of Houston need your GIFTS!