Peter C. Remington is a business executive with over 37 years of experience in running sales and marketing companies from $4.6 million in annual sales to $263 million. 

For over thirty-seven years Peter has been working with private business owners and Fortune 500 businesses in various areas of marketing and promotions to help increase their brand awareness in the market and increase sales. Companies such as Home Depot, Outback Steak House, wineries, various grocery stores, automotive groups such as Buick, Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi and Maserati. He has written sales training programs for multiple radio groups and has trained over 3000 sales people in his lifetime. Additionally, he has worked with Real Estate professionals, medical professionals, executives and other professionals from all walks of life. 

Peter C. Remington is the Chief Possibility Officer of Prepare 4 More, a Self development company for all individuals. Peter is the author of Be-Aholic, A 14 Step Process to Becoming a Success-Aholic, and the accompanying Video Workbook Series. He is a speaker, life coach and a person of increase. He is constantly working on his area of expertise so he can pass along his understanding and knowledge to his clients. He has trained and developed individuals in life changing discoveries such as defining an individual’s purpose, vision, goals and how to achieve them on a daily, weekly, monthly and life-long basis. Peter coaches and speaks at Lakewood Church, Unity Church and conventions. Peter has an MBA from the University of Georgia, is certified as a Life Mastery Consultant with LifeSolutions and is the Founder and President of Cheers 4 Charities, a nonprofit organization that benefits children charities in Houston. Peter sits on the Board of Kids Meals, Virtuosi of Houston and is an advisor with TEACH.

Peter C. Remington

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